CB Noise Canceling Mics


Skyburner 56 Microphones

Dynamic noise canceling mic.

One Year Warranty

Max talk power, heavy duty construction, high impact abs plastic, flexible heavy duty slim coil cord, 9’ extended.

Quality tested

Ready wired for most Cobras, Unidens, Galaxys, Northstar, Super Stars, etc.


Astatic Microphones



The 636L is a noise canceling dynamic microphone that was designed for close talking handheld applications in CB, Amateur Radio and SSB communications. The 636L is used in situations where there is high background noise levels, such as trucks. Our commercial version of this mic is used in public service agencies, such as fire departments all over the United States. The 636L has a rugged housing, polyurethane coated steel grille screen and a dependable low impedance dynamic element.


The frequency response is tailored for maximum intelligibility and clarity in voice communications with 360 degree minimization of background noise. A soft lip guard is positioned to assure proper close talk spacing by the operator. Molded in high impact Cycolac, the 636L comes with a 6 wire cord which allows for relay, electronic or virtually any type hook up with almost any transceiver.


Astatic Road Devil Microphone


The ROAD DEVIL is an amplified noise cancelling microphone for close talking, hand held applications in CB, Amateur Radio, and SSB communications. The ROAD DEVIL features a high gain amplifier with electronic equalization to provide maximum talk power and intelligibility even under noisy conditions. The microphone's amplifier and 6 wire cable make it compatible with all modern radio transceivers.



Road King Microphone

The Professional Driver's Choice for Over 50 Years.RoadKing microphones have been around since the creation of the interstate; that's over 50 years! RoadKing's rugged hand-held microphones feature dynamic noise-cancelling designs with excellent voice response characteristics. The RoadKing microphones are a staple in the trucking industry. For years the RoadKing brand has been the standard by which professional drivers swear by.
Key Features of the RoadKing brand include:
  • Noise canceling microphones for clear communication
  • 4 Pin Connector, adapt to any 4 pin radio
  • Rugged design for the professional CB user


To order call 936-231-3753






There is no charge for checking your radio or mic.  Labor prices vary by radio

We sell all major brands and custom CB.  Call for pricing.


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